Things To Look For In A Company

Some companies will not deal with you at all unless you pay.

We have a free credit report analysis. We can look at your reports and see if we can help you before you signup. If you already have existing credit reports (within a couple months old), you can email them or fax them to us for our analysis. If you do not have them, you can get them from They also have a credit monitoring alerts that will let you know of any changes to your reports as well.

Some companies do not do much work.

Not only do we dispute items with the three credit reporting agencies (which not all even do that); we also send disputes directly to your creditors, collection agencies, and even courthouses! We do 100% full disputing process, not just a simple bureau dispute. We do not charge any extra for our direct dispute approach!


At the core of The Credit Repair Agents is a moral and ethical commitment to do the right thing for our clients and the right thing for our industry. Proof of our integrity can be seen in the high ratings we receive from our customers, and the amount of referrals that they send to us.

Some companies keep you in the dark after they accept your money, making it almost impossible to check on your status.

We give our clients 24/7 online access to their account information. We want our clients to know exactly what is going on and not be kept in the dark.