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The Credit Repair Agents,

We have had great success with using the credit repair agents! We started with a handful of items that were on our credit and within the first month those items were removed. My credit score was in the mid 500’s and my wife’s was low 600. Mine is now 660 and hers is 674. It has been very easy to use with the website you can watch your progress. We had payment problems and they were very accommodating as far as adjusting dates. We will continue to use them if needed. Very helpful Company!


Aaron and Emily Cleveland

Credit Repair has Helped Millions

Credit Repair as an Industry has been around for decades. More recently after the economic ‘meltdown’ did it become more widespread. The law is clear, if a negative item on your credit report is found to be inaccurate or unverifiable it must be removed, regardless of what type of item it is.

This is directly from the Fair Credit Reporting Act, this law is your leverage against the Bureaus. It provides the consumer the ability to dispute any of the negative information in their credit report they feel is inaccurate. But most people are not very well versed in the law or even how to go about the process. We are not saying it’s impossible for a person to do it on their own, but one thing your missing is our expertise. Our experience, our dedication and commitment to getting you the very best results possible. This is why consumer choose only the best consumer credit repair services available, like The Credit Repair Agents. We’ve been disputing negative items on our clients credit for years. And with our hard work and determination, success has followed.

When you first speak with us, we want to know your situation to ensure we can help. If we feel we can’t; we won’t enroll you. We have never taken on a client’s case we were not able to help. This is vital to the trust we maintain. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Regardless of what you’ve been told, you do have the ability to improve your credit. Contacts to seasoned experts at The Credit Repair Agents for a no obligation consultation. No credit card or other payment information will ever be taken for these consultations. We want to offer you only the very best service possible.

Don’t delay, do it today! Your credit isn’t going to fix itself, so take a few minutes and give us a call or submit your contact information for us to contact you. We’re here to help improve the lives of our clients, one credit report at a time. Let us do the same for you.