John H. Mesa, AZ

I am glad you called me when you did.  I was referred to you from a friend who used your service a while ago.  I am one of those people who put things off to the last minute thinking that there is always time to take care of my credit.  I ignored your sales calls time and time again, but I am glad you never gave up on me.  I was living life as I normally do when I get a call from my landlord letting me know he was going to sell the home I am living in and wanted to give me 90 days notice to move out.
With my credit the way it was, I was looking at needing to put down a huge security deposit.  I was shocked at how difficult my life would be in just a few short months.  I cannot thank you enough for calling me when you did, because I would not be moving into my new home with a much smaller security deposit. In 90 days, you removed 55% of the negative information from my report and I have been impressed ever since.  I will definitely tell all of my friends and family about your service.
John H.  Mesa, AZ